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What is ‘the change’?

Henryk Skolimowski (born 1930 in Warsaw) is a Polish philosopher. He completed technical studies, musicology and philosophy in Warsaw. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Oxford University. Today he is considered to be the leading thinker in the field of eco-philosophy.

He was ‘Philosopher in Residence’ at Dartington Hall when I was a student there and his book,  Eco-Philosophy. Marion Boyars. 1981, influenced me greatly. In this he shows the shifting values associated with a movement from an exploitative, economics based culture to one more earth-centred and integrated with the nature of this planet.

Pursuing information Pursuing wisdom
Environmentally and ecologically oblivious Environmentally and ecologically conscious
Related to the economics of material progress Related to the economics of the quality of life
Politically indifferent Politically aware
Socially unconcerned Socially concerned
Mute about individual responsibility Vocal about individual responsibility
Intolerant to transphysical phenomena Tolerant to transphysical phenomena
Health mindless Health mindful
Language orientated Life orientated
‘Objective’ (detached) Committed
Spiritually dead Spiritually alive
Piecemeal (analytical) Comprehensive

This cultural shift involves changes for us all, whether we like it or not. But you don’t have to buy-in to the myth of austerity. We live in an infinite universe and many people are finding ways  to abundance whilst actually ‘costing the earth’ less.

The books I write and publish are about this – recognising and finding abundance, often within limited resources. A paradigm shift – a different way of seeing things.

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