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the rule of thirds

A secret of artists and designers is a derivation of the Golden Mean and is called the ‘Rule of Thirds’. The page is divided into three equal areas which are seen as segments of the page as a basis for composition. These divisions can be horizontal or vertical, even diagonal.rule of thirdsThree ‘areas’ on a page seem more pleasing to the eye than two or four. The rule of thirds can be applied to a grid shape. The page is divided into a 3 x 3 grid and the elements are introduced in proportion to the grid . The placement of key points in the communication are focused at intersections on the grid lines. Other elements in the image can be contrived to lead the eye around.

The rule of thirds can be used in visual composition. The concept of a grid which has key visual points is central to computer design work and art history can be plundered for many ideas on form and layout. An interesting visual exercise when reading a magazine is to notice how many layouts use the rule of thirds. You can check this by drawing lines on the page to reveal the underlying grid shape.

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