Bring Down the Government

Bring Down the Government by Eris Shamanka
Bring Down the Government by Eris Shamanka

Preface: Originally this book was going to be called ‘The Anarchist’s Manifesto’ but I know that the word anarchist upsets people because they think that anarchy is the same as chaos and violence. I was also concerned that people may not be familiar with a ‘manifesto’ and its uses. So what follows is the definition of anarchy with which I will be working in this book:

a theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unneccessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary co-operation and free association of individuals and groups.” There, that’s not so bad is it?

And a manifesto? Wikipedia says: A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. And that’s just fine with me.

Bring Down the Government’ is much a more descriptive title in that this book concerns bringing the top-heavy, increasingly tyrannical nature of government in the UK and US to a bottom up, ‘power to the people’ kind of thing.

In more technical terms it is about changing from the representative democracy that we already have (allegedly) to a participatory democracy, where all the people make the all decisions, just like in the UK’s Brexit vote – via referendum – but online. This book gives a case for why it needs to happen. It describes how it might happen and what you can do to help bring it about – if you consider such a thing desirable – and this book aims to persuade you of such.

Bring Down the Government is a plea for you to think, to really think whether we need this endless stream of self-interested idiots (mostly) called ‘government’, of whatever party, dominating every single aspect of what we think, do, eat, and dream? It is a cry for our personal liberation to evolve and a recognition of our capacity for taking personal responsibility.

bring down the governmentCapitalism has failed along with ‘representative democracy’. Successive governments single-mindedness to support it has taken our environment – our ability to sustain the conditions for life on earth – to the edge of a precipice. Like any sensible person I would prefer this journey of our culture to ‘a new way of relating to the earth’, to be a gradual transition in which as few people suffer as possible.

I am not going to make any apologies here about the large number of quotations and extractions in this book. This is a book ‘written with a hundred pens’. It is not an academic paper. I am not going to re-word what people much cleverer than me have already written in order to claim it as my own.

My role as ‘author / editor’ of ‘Bring Down the Government’ is to integrate the pre-existing ideas contained within into a cohesive and structured argument to help you, the reader, see what is going on, what is being hidden in front of your face and to help you decide what level of involvement to take in creating a future for us all. I am working as an integrator in this book, not within a specialist ideology.

I have included a list of source books at the end that have been helpful to me in waking from the nightmare of the socio-economic system that is capitalism.

Bring Down the Government’ is available in paperback print from and as an ebook from ‘Bring Down the Government’ is a vote for the no-party party. You can find a Facebook discussion group concerning the ideas within this book here:

Eris Shamanka


Preface    vi
1. THE PURPOSE OF HUMANS            1
Motivation to Breathe                4
Paradigms of Philosophy                7
Paradigm 1: The Mechanistic View        8
Paradigm 2: The Anthropomorphic View        9
Paradigm 3: The Gaian View             9
Eco Philosophy                    10
Wetiko                        12
The Wisdom of Indigenous people            16
Society v Individual                21
Government Protects?                22
Government Fosters Wellbeing?            24
Government is Honest?                25
Representative Democracy?            27
National Debt                    31
Dedication to Capitalism            31
The Pirates                    32
Puppet Government                33
Trade Agreements                36
Codex Alimentarius                36
TTIP                        37
CETA                        40
Investigatory Powers Act            41
The Ministry of Truth                43
Croneyism                    44
Taxation and Slavery                45
The Myth of Sustainability            47
Free Market Economy                48
3. THE CONTROL SYSTEMS                50
Energy                        50
Media                        53
Money                        61
Iceland                        62
Medicine                    65
Government                    73
Education and Training                74
Spectator Sport                    77
Marriage, Families and Sexuality        80
4. THE BREAKDOWN                88
5. FIGHT OR FLIGHT?                96
Positive Hope                    103
6. SHIFTING DEMOCRACY                107
How Can Government be Changed?            107
Random Democracy                112
Participatory Democracy                114
7. RESISTANCE IS FERTILE            124
Detaching from the System            124
All Our Actions Are Political            128
Forms of Resistance                135
Healing Wetiko                    148
8. MAKING THE NEW                151
Permaculture                    151
New Currency                    154
Gift Economies                    157
Housing                        159
Real Education                    160
Community Governance                162
Endpiece                    164

Bring Down the Government is an A5 size paperback of 180 pages and around 60,000 words. Please purchase your paperback copy for just £9.99 from here: Bring Down the Government by Eris Shamanka

Bring Down the Government
Bring Down the Government by Eris Shamanka