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Bring Down the Government by Eris Shamanka.The United Kingdom and the United States are no longer democracies. Whoever you vote for, the Government gets in and they are in the hands of a corporate agenda. They are intent on wrecking the conditions for healthy life on Earth, for the pursuit of profit for the few. We are in a race against time, against increasing inequality, ecological collapse and species extinction. Our governments are in denial because the very actions they need to take to make the necessary changes are in opposition to their addictions to capitalism and corporate control.

Bring Down the Government
Bring Down the Government by Eris Shamanka

In the 21st Century we no longer need this control. In this Age of Communications a Representative Democracy can be replaced by a Participatory Democracy, as proven by the Brexit Referendum, where everyone interested participated in a national decision. This radical book from Eris Shamanka shows you why our system of government is in urgent need of replacement. It demonstrates just why we are all in peril. It tells you how to detach your life from government control and find a human purpose beyond the slavery they wish for you. This is a book written with a hundred pens and each is one that says ‘Release the Human Spirit’.

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Apologise Later by Mark Penrose: The authoritative biography of Robert Newton. From an idyll Cornish childhood to a desperate death amidst the Hollywood elite. Cowboy, beach-bum; loaded and flat broke. He survived the bloodiest naval arena in the second world war; married four times he failed as a husband and a father.

Apologise Later
Apologise Later by Mark Penrose

He starred in dozens of films, dozens of plays. Newton was more than an actor; yet he is the quintessential pirate, Disney’s ‘Long John Silver’, is the brutal Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist. Farmer, tax exile, he ran his own theatre and loved Rolls Royces. In America and Australia. Generous, gregarious, needful, lost, he swept through life and left people reeling in his wake. Olivier, Burton, Coward, Wayne. Laughing, infected with his joyous lust for life.

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Fourfold Vision
The Fourfold Vision by F. Sherwood Taylor M.A.,Ph.D.

The Fourfold Vision by F. Sherwood Taylor: Originally published in 1945, The Fourfold Vision makes a welcome return. Here is the full integration of science and issues of faith from the pen of a master. F. Sherwood Taylor has gained great respect for his work on The Alchemist and many other books where scientific investigation meets with matters of belief. He was the first editor of ‘Ambix’ magazine and was Director at the Museum of History of Science in Oxford. Join him here on a classic journey from the centre of Science and Philosophy to the heart of Art and Nature.

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Confucius and of Christ
Ways of Confucius and of Christ by Dom Pierre Celestin

Ways of Confucius and of Christ by Dom Pierre Celestin: is an autobiographical account of a Chinese diplomat who abandons his career to enter a religious community. When the diplomat is a Chinese Foreign Minister and the community a Benedictine abbey in Belgium, the contrast is all the more startling. The book was originally written in French and called ‘Souvenirs et Pensées’. In this meeting of East and West, Dom Pierre shows us with extraordinary insight that his life preserves an essential unity. Just as the natural order precedes and leads up to the supernatural, so he has been led from the ways of Confucius to those of Christianity and finally to the Catholic Church and monastic life.

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Women on Top by Fiona Laycy
Women on Top by Fiona Laycy

Women On Top 69 Positions To Success. The Infidelities and Secrets Revealed. A Woman’s Survival Guide to Saving Your Relationship, Or Not!by Fiona G Laycy:  is a complete relationship guide for women who want to make significant changes to their lives and their relationships. It is packed with delightfully uninhibited tales of cover ups and deception that relationships reveal; the infidelities and secrets that result in life being a roller coaster of delicious fun and occasionally resulting in death.  Facing your fears, revealing your dreams and expectations, this book provides you with the opportunity to tackle life with both courage and laughter on your very own personal journey.

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