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Not In My Name

Not In My Name compiled by Simon Mitchell

The United Kingdom and the United States are no longer democracies. Whoever you vote for, the Government gets in and they are in the hands of a planet-wrecking corporate agenda. They are intent on destroying the conditions for healthy life on Earth, for the pursuit of profit for the few.

We are in a race against time, against exponentially increasing inequalities, dire ecological collapse and mass species extinction. Our governments are in denial and fail to act. The very actions they need to take to make the necessary changes for our continued survival are in opposition to their addictions to capitalism and corporate control.

This book from simonthescribe shows you why our system of government is in urgent need of replacement. It demonstrates just why we are all in peril. It tells you how to detach your life from government control and find a human purpose beyond the slavery they wish for you. This is a book written with a hundred pens and each is one that says ‘Release the Human Spirit’. It is time to rebel.

In an unprecedented act of generosity this book is available for you to read, online – for free here: Not in my Name – Why Representative Democracy Must End Now. 

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You may also purchase this book as a paperback from for £9.99 plus postage on this link. []