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Mastering DTP

mastering desktop publishing
Mastering Desktop Publishing by Simon Mitchell

Mastering Desktop Publishing – Who is this book for?
This book is for any computer user who publishes, either on screen or on paper. If you are new to the fields of computing and desktop publishing (DTP) this book can be read from cover to cover. For more experienced users it can be dipped into at will, according to need. In order to apply the wealth of information held in this book, it is useful to work through a design project. This could be:

  • a personal project at home
  • a project at work
  • a college project or presentation

For educational purposes, the book offers help in managing a design project for publication, in print or digital media. This is of assistance to people studying:

  • media or communications
  • business and marketing
  • design and desktop publishing

What this book contains

  • An introduction to publishing and design
  • Information on four major design variables:MARKET – MEDIA – MONEY – and MESSAGE
  • A resource of design techniques, processes, and skills needed for quality self publication
  • The book explores language, text, and graphic elements in design, along with strategies for effective layout and communication
  • A section with examples, showing a range of design projects in different media
  • A project management system to help with your own design to publish
  • Finally the book gives valuable information on the technology of DTP, and a glossary of design terms

What this book offers
This book helps the reader create designs that are truly effective.

Many desktop publishing books and courses teach only the technical skills for DTP while tending to ignore design skills. Being able to use the software is not the same as being a designer; any more than operating a word processor makes a person an author.

DTP software is complex, and many programs are large and unwieldy. In our efforts to master communications technology, we often overlook the design involved in communication. It is these design skills that produce outstanding publications and the reason for the focus of this book. This book offers the reader a design process in addition to valuable information. With the technology of communications changing so fast, this book concentrates on the elements of design which endure throughout these technological changes.

There is, at present, an ever increasing quantity of publication, on screen, in the streets, through our doors, and at work. In modern life, information overload is an increasing trend. As the amount of information we have to deal with expands, it is vital to recognise the skills of design in communication. If our messages are to cut through and find the audience we intend, design in making public messages is more important than ever before. Mastering DTP offers the reader techniques, skills and strategies to achieve successful communication in publishing.

ISBN 9780333713662
Publication Date April 1999
Formats Paperback
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Palgrave Master Series

If you design to publish on a computer, in print or digital media, then this book is an essential resource. Both the quality and effectiveness of your work will improve through focus on design.
This easy-to-follow book describes processes and tools available for successful desktop publishing (DTP), backed up with over two hundred illustrations. It reveals the tricks, secrets and magic ingredients for design in desktop publishing.

mastering desktop publishingRecommended for `in-house’ DTP and those studying:

  • communications
  • media
  • business
  • marketing
  • design
  • desktop publishing

Mastering Desktop Publishing offers the reader techniques, skills and strategies to achieve effective results in publishing. Order your copy direct from Palgrave Macmillan on this link:

Mastering Desktop Publishing by Simon Mitchell