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How to Cheat at Salsa

by Simon Mitchell

cheatatsalsa400optA ‘system’ for leading a dance without relying on repetitive, pre-learned sequences ?

After attending Mary’s dance class in Par for a couple of years, I found that learning and dancing basic sequences was no longer satisfying. It was so frustrating wanting to learn salsa dance in remote and rural Cornwall – and being a non-driver – I even created a piece of salsa music about this frustration, my ‘pyschological wooden leg’, which you can hear on this link:

It seemed to me that a good dancer should respond to the music, integrating turns and moves with changes in the music. A sequence, even a series of sequences, although useful – quickly becomes boring, especially with a regular dance partner.

A good lead dancer has to respond on the spot and needs to signal their dance intentions to their partner. As a lead dancer, the subtleties of this were hard to find in a Cornish dance class. I spent every penny I had on going to Cuba to get lessons. This trip confirmed that what I had been learning at Mary’s class was very much ‘Cornish Salsa’.

cuban salsa
Cuban Salsa and Son dance diosas Yodanke and Raquel

After clubs, courses, weekend residentials, even my amazing dance course with Folklorico Cutumba in Cuba, my question became:

“How do I lead an endlessly diverse salsa dance, with a partner, which is responsive to the music, without depending wholly on repetitive sequences?”

In this ebook I share with you my own answer to this problem – a ‘system’ for leading a dance without relying on repetitive, pre-learned sequences. So if you have a few moves, in any of the Latin or ballroom dances, this ‘dance move randomiser’ will help you to string them together in diversity, and dance like the wind.

cheatatsalsa400optAnd because I want you to dance, I’m going to just give you this .pdf ebook for free. Just click the link below:

How to Cheat at Salsa from simonthescribe

Of course, if you have some money though I would be very happy for you to make a donation. After all, I have to eat too!