Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires
Energy Vampires, a novel from Simon Mitchell

There is a ghost trapped in the Valley of the River Fowey. For two thousand years he has tried to speak, to tell his tale. Finally he makes contact with a local teacher called Andrew, who writes down the story of his brief life as a healer. The ghost has a quest – to mend the ancient Dragon Line, an energy line connecting the living matrix of earth energy. It is broken – and Andrew must mend it.

Energy Vampires
St. Bartholemews conjuncts the moon

The ghost of a fifteen year old boy, called Fintan, tells of an ancient matrix of energy hidden in the earth, its existence and purpose all but forgotten. Andrew explores the twin strands of the dragon, named ‘The Michael and Mary Line’, which pass through Cornwall, a land steeped in history and mystery since the dawn of time. Here the line passes through the valley of the River Fowey and the Mary Line passes through the church of St. Bartholomew in the town of Lostwithiel, where Andrew lives.

Energy Vampires is the first book in an historical fantasy from Simon Mitchell. The story is woven into the real history of the Fowey Valley in Cornwall. It takes place over a 2000 year timespan. Combining historical events with fictional plot lines gives the novel roots in a special place. It allows the author to share his enjoyment of the unique nature and biodiversity of the Fowey River Valley.

Energy Vampirism is a very real and increasing phenomenon in the Western World. As humans become more displaced from contact with nature, they are losing the ability to generate wholesome energy from its source. As a result – more and more people are left with stealing essential energy from each other as a method of survival.

This unique and exciting novel offers you defenses from Energy Vampires and presents you with an exploration of Earth Energy.

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