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Create by Simon Mitchell
Create by Simon Mitchell

Access your inner genius with ‘Create’ by Simon Mitchell:

When widespread changes are affecting all of our lives, creativity is the single most important human trait helping us face uncertainty. It allows us to transform threats into opportunities and negativity into positive hope. It gives us the edge in facing change.

Like a God who plays dice and laughs. With a truly creative approach to life – you can never lose! Creativity gives you the personal power to transmute unwanted changes into something favourable. A creative response gives you joy at a beautiful solution. It helps you to live in the moment and make the best of now.

You can turn failure into victory, disappointment and sadness into laughter, poison into nectar – you come up smelling of roses every time! You always seem to land on your feet! People will wonder how you do it, again and again!

Create’ answers important questions about creativity.

  • what is it?
  • where does it come from?
  • why do we need it?
  • what are the pre-conditions for creativity?
  • how can it be stimulated?

Create’ presents you with twenty eight exercises to stimulate your capacity for creative thought and action. These mental tools give you the edge in facing change today. As a personal trait creativity offers much in the management of day-to-day affairs. Creativity aids you personally in many ways beyond ‘increasing competitiveness in a commercial context’. Creativity:

  • improves quality of life on a daily basis by extending resources
  • contributes positively to the lives of other people
  • changes your own and peoples’ perceptions about what is possible
  • gives hope for the future
  • increases your joy
  • helps you solve problems
  • helps you make new things
  • helps you recycle and ‘upcycle’ with limited resources
  • helps you have fun and enjoy the moment

Simon, an artist and writer, became interested in studying creativity as an art student in the late 1970’s. This book is a compendium of useful research and exercises collected along the way in the years since then. With the aid of this book, you can find ways to embrace change in your own work and life and to make the most of these exciting times for yourself – through sheer genius creativity.

Widespread changes are challenging our economy, society and environment. As the pace speeds up – creativity is the single most important human factor that helps us adapt to change. ‘Create’ will help you develop your capacity for creative thought and take the advantage.

Create’ presents you with thirty exercises to stimulate your capacity for creative thought and action. Using this book you will:

  • develop sensitivity to problems
  • map your own creative process
  • use several creative thinking processes
  • determine the prime values of your ideas, messages, designs or products
  • see how to construct a creative brief
  • get many great ideas to choose from
  • use exercises to break your thinking conventions
  • increase the fluency and flexibility of your thinking
  • strengthen your imagination and creative ‘muscles’.
  • learn how to hand over idea generation to your subconcious supercomputerCreate by Simon Mitchell
  • use metaphor for thinking in an energy paradigm
  • recognise the best solutions and access positive outcomes
  • recognise the various forms of capital around you
  • know how to screen, reject, explore, combine, strengthen and shape ideas
  • evaluate your ideas and experiences using a matrix

All this value in a succinct A5 paperback of just over a hundred pages. This book is self-published by simonthescribe at and you can purchase a paperback copy on this link for just £9.99:

Create in paperback by Simon Mitchell

Create now available for the Kindle reader