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Articles by the scribe

publish with simonthescribencluded in this website are links to my published articles, mostly sitting on sister websites to this one. Once again you will find that the underlying themes revolve around sustainability and self / community sufficiency and deep green politics and philosophy. Also fun and enjoying yourself as some people take all this stuff too seriously!

Please feel free to replicate these articles on the condition that there is a link back, as below,  to the page that the article came from eg Article from .

All about nettles. An in-depth look into some of the the many uses of this brilliant plant:

Too much rocket in the garden? Here are some recipe suggestions:

Pumpkin and squash recipes:

Off road route from Lerryn to Lostwithiel:

Uses for the beautiful Fennel plant:

All about Valerian:

Folklore of the apple:

Have you tried Tansy Cakes?

The internet and resilience:

The wandering meanings of transition words:

Example salt wash in watercolour paint:

Nature art from Andy Goldsworthy:

The limited lifespan of a culture constructed on economics:

The Western news values that determine your news:

The politics of energy:

Living without Money:

Growth and no-growth economics:

Film review: Ten Canoes:

Film Review: The Emerald Forest:

Film Review: Avatar:

Film Review: The Age of Stupid:

Film Review: 2012:

Book Review: The Moneyless Manifesto:

Book Review: The Transition Compainion:

Action to save energy in your kitchen:

Keeping warm with Sarah:

How to recycle a Christmas tree:

12 food growing spaces you can make at home:

Make a £30 DIY greenhouse:

Free hot water shower from sunlight and hose:

The strawberry tower:

Recipes for strawberries:

Summer pudding recipe:

Brussels Sprouts to go recipe:

How to make a Valerian tincture:

Free colour light experience in old DVD’s:

Natural cold remedies in your kitchen:

MRI machine shows acupuncture working:

Nature’s First-aid Kit:

A truth about being a green person:

The wisdom of Compost:

Nature’s work ethic:

Nature as a template for ‘economy’:

Tyndall Flowers:

Energy and consumerism:

Tea tree and MRSA:

Codex Alimentarius and the Food Police Directive:

12 ways to transcend the times:

The longest Mandlebrot zoom in:

Why an ezine called nettle soup:

Mass media working hand-in-hand with corporate interests:

Film review: Aluna the Movie.

We can always make creative choices:

Making seedbombs as Christmas presents:

My underlying philosophy:

Some of my loom knitting artefacts:

A simple DIY windpower generator made from rubbish:

Yummy wild hazelnut truffle recipe:

Revolution or Evolution?

The Evolution of Revolution:

Free ‘This product kills bees stickers’:

Book Review: The Moneyless Manifesto:

12 food growing spaces you can make:

Dare you take the quiz? How green are you?

A bee hotel made from rubbish:

Games with fire:

Make your own Kayapo head dress:

DIY Solar power in your tent from rubbish:

Make dandelion coffee recipe:

Talk given on Buckminster Fuller:

Why I dislike the olympics:

Blackbirds ate my strawberries?

Deep ecology and handling despair:

A watercolour salt wash demo:

Tea tree and MRSA:

Tyndall Flowers:

Film Review: Ten Canoes:

What is tantric sex?

The news values that serve corporate consumerism:

Permaculture Andorra:

What is Chakra meditation?

The end of economics:

The future of herbs and tinctures:

The £30 DIY greenhouse:

Living without Money:

Strawberry recipes:

My first rocket stove:

My first road kill pheasant dinner:

A truth about being green:

Green hedonism:

12 ways to transcend stress:

About Buckminster Fuller:

Greenhouse from recycled plastic bottles:

Example of a hazel frame polytunnel:

A DIY geodome from Northern Homestead:

My third growdome:

My second growdome:

Materials for my second growdome:

Model for a 3 frequency icosahedron:

An icosahedron growdome:

Building my DIY growdome greenhouse:

Planning my DIY growdome greenhouse:

Why eat wild foods?

The pressures of social conformity:

Stress and conformity as pollution:

Air pollution:

Radiation pollution:

Toxins and carcinogens in your daily diet:

Water pollution:


Living in a toxic culture:

Dr. Kenyon’s Principles of Holism:

Energy as a therapy:

Matter and energy are inter-related:

Our shifting cultural paradigms:

Where orthodox medicine went wrong:

The suppression od alternatives in mainstream medicine:

Alternative medical philosophies:

Alternative choices in treatment:

Patient advocacy in mainstream medicine:

Chemical drugs as part of a consumerist culture:

The limitations of medical methodology in research: