publish your bookWelcome to simonthescribe – assisted self-publishing for you: I am an independent designer with extensive experience of media publishing – including books, ebooks, ezines and websites. I am here to help produce your book.

My own first book was published by Macmillan in 1999, when I was working as a lecturer of Media and Communication Studies in the UK’s top College of Further Education. It was called ‘Mastering Desktop Publishing’,  I couldn’t believe my luck when they published my book way back then. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the contract to see they took 92% of the royalties.

Fortunately I also got the contract to layout the book for print, which in the end paid me more than I got for the two years I spent writing and illustrating it ! This got me curious about taking a ‘self-publishing’ option for my books. Since then I have founded simonthescribe.co.uk in North Cornwall, UK, with the intent of self-publishing well-designed and effective print and electronic media at affordable prices – and where I get to keep more of my royalties for my own books and ebooks.

And now I am happy to do the same for you. This process is called assisted self-publishing. In effect I take your completed and proofread text and turn it into a book for you, ordering the introductory matter, making a linked contents list, perfecting the layout, processing the files for print and making you a beautiful cover. The process of producing your book uses available print-on-demand services chosen according to the type of book you want and your perceived audience. Once we have both seen the first print proof – we may want to make alterations and re-publish, and I can also help with this. Please allow about 8 weeks for this process of layout, cover design, proofing and correcting. Don’t ask me for ‘rush jobs’.

I can make you a download page for customers to purchase your book, or a website with ‘sales pages’ that help persuade your customers to order your book. You will also be able to order your books direct at production cost price, as you need them. I ask you for no royalties at all – simply the cost of producing your book for you, based on an agreed estimate.

So I am am here to assist you in being the publisher of your own book. As a single operative with relatively few overheads, who works from home, I can create books, ebooks and websites for you in a range of media at very competitive prices, much lower than you would normally pay.

I make, produce and fulfil orders for paperback or hardback books and can even help you with a marketing strategy for them. The books can be novels, recipe books, autobiographical, instruction manuals or Kindle e-books. I design beautiful covers with original artwork. I am able to format your book into a range of options – print, ebooks, in PDF or for the Kindle or IPad, for websites or audiobooks. I am certainly a digital scribe for the 21st Century.

Once a basic design is agreed between us for your project you will receive a detailed written estimate for its publication.  To find out more about publishing with simonthescribe visit the ‘how to publish‘ page. To contact me for an initial estimate, please use the contact form on this page.